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We’re so excited for KAPTARA #1 this week, and we’ll let creator Chip (SEX CRIMINALS, HOWARD THE DUCK) Zdarsky describe it: "It’s like a sci-fi story, like the planet of Dr Moreau meets your childhood action figures. I’ve also been referring to it as Gay Saga, just to get more sales. I’m nothing if not a marketing genius." There’s also STAR WARS #4, UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #4, and 10 more DC CONVERGENCE titles.

New Releases for 04.22.15
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This is your chance to sign up for a whole bunch of great new series, like Jeff Lemire's small-town superhero mystery BLACK HAMMER; Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj's dystopian cooking series STARVE; since two characters named Thor weren't enough, Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse's Secret Wars multi-Thor comic THORS; Mark Waid and Fiona Staples' new era of ARCHIE; and 21 new DC series, including BLACK CANARY, PREZ, and BIZARRO! Take a look after the break!

On Order: New Comic Series for June 2015
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"... in a book that is about a very dark character, Gillen managers to inject quite an impressive amount of humor."

Jimmy reviews Darth Vader #4
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"As much as Convergence #0 was a set-up, this issue was pretty much the issue that laid out the rules for what’s going to happen in this series."

Jimmy reviews Convergence #1
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"Laura Allred, as usual, complements the inks perfectly: this is especially apparent on the last page, a gorgeous full-page spacescape with a myriad of ships and stars stretching across it."

Molly Jane reviews Silver Surfer #10

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